State Level Advocacy

Our experienced team has an established extensive network or relationships and contacts amongst state lawmakers, the Governor’s office, legislative staff, state agency leadership and stakeholder organizations. MMBAFL members and staff have been and will continue to advise our lawmakers as uniquely informed industry experts when it comes to writing regulations, future legislation and advancing the public dialogue.  We plan to utilize the association’s membership and executive committee industry experts  to develop  a high level of trust and familiarity between industry interests  and elected officials.

Business Advocacy

The MMBAFL will provide businesses interested in participating in Florida’s emerging Medical Marijuana industry with a strong support system for understanding Florida’s developing Medical Marijuana regulatory and statutory framework,  identifying new and expanding business opportunities, networking with potential investors, partners, or consultants, making intelligent and informed business decisions, and having access to policy makers to share insights  and best practices on the various aspects of the emerging business environment in the state.

Education, Resources & Communications

The MMBAFL will provide education to businesses and individuals interested in participating in a responsible way in the Medical Marijuana health care environment in the state. The MMBAFL will be a portal of information for business ideas, best practices, investment opportunities, all with a continued focus and mission to ensure a compassionate and ethical approach to providing positive patient care outcomes for the medically needy.


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Florida’s political process moves quickly. With the added benefit of our Tallahassee presence, we interact with policymakers and legislative staff on a daily basis to ensure our members’ voices are heard. We work daily to act as your eyes, ears and voice on issues affecting the cannabis industry throughout the Sunshine State.

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