The Voice of Business for Florida’s Medical Marijuana Industry
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The Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida (MMBAFL) was founded  in 2014 as a membership organization to protect and promote a rational and compassionate approach to Florida’s emerging medical marijuana regulatory framework, serve as a responsible business resource for policy makers, support and grow business opportunities for the emerging medical marijuana industry, all while committing to protect the right, and dignity of medical marijuana patients and their families.The MMBAFL continues to promote safe, affordable and accessible medical marijuana for Florida patients by supporting the growth of  a viable and responsible business environment.


To promote the growth of a responsible and safely regulated cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment for our industry in the state of Florida.The Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida was founded on the principle of strength in numbers. The thousands of Florida businesses involved in our state-legal cannabis industry represent a significant economic force.

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  • Provide a forum for policymakers, citizens, businesses and families for the compassionate use of Medical Marijuana.
  • Educate policymakers on the best course of action for creating a rational and market based statutory and regulatory structure
  • Provide businesses and vendors with opportunities to network and identify new opportunities in the emerging industry.
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The MMBAFL is a not for profit membership organization open to businesses and individuals with an interest in being engaged, informed and active in the emerging Medical Marijuana business and regulatory environment in Florida.Get more information on General Membership and our Executive Committee now.

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What Are We Currently Working On?

State Regulatory Structuring

The Florida State legislature has passed regulations for the medical marijuana industry. We are working with elected officials and stakeholders to be a resource of information for the cannabis industry.

Business Networking

MMBAF hosts legislative updates and other networking events that allow you to connect with other like-minded business professional in the industry.

Industry Professionalization

MMBAFL is actively working with our members to help them professionalize and find solutions to business issues that Florida’s cannabis industry face every day. We act as your eyes, ears and voice on issues affecting the cannabis industry.

MMBAFL in News


Florida’s political process moves quickly. With the added benefit of our Tallahassee presence, we interact with policymakers and legislative staff on a daily basis to ensure our members’ voices are heard. We work daily to act as your eyes, ears and voice on issues affecting the cannabis industry throughout the Sunshine State.

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